Extra deep picture frames

These frames provide pictures with an outstanding visual weight and depth. Hang yours on the wall or let it stand upright autonomously.

Two classical sizes​



49.5 cm x 34.5 cm (outside)

46.0 cm x 30.6 cm (inside / image size) 


65.0 cm x 44.5 cm (outside)

61.0 cm x 41.0 cm (inside / image size) 

All frames, M and L, have an extraordinary depth of 8.0 cm.

Get in touch if you want your copy for 59 EUR (M) or 79 EUR (L). No image included.

Beautiful picture frames, 8 cm depth

Impressive handcraft​

The frames are crafted by a retired carpenter. Each piece is unique and visibly handmade. Limited edition: maximum 111 pieces.

The frames are made of pinewood, screwed together and plugged up. Painted with glossy white water-based paint. Good 3 mm window glass quality.

Get in touch if you want your copy for 59 EUR (size M) or 79 EUR (size L). No image included.